Wandernauts — Avatars built for Web3

The appeal of Wanderers is wide-ranging thanks to its multifaceted approach to NFTs.

For you, perhaps it’s the story or the art that drew you in. For someone else: the community, music or the overall science fiction vibe.

Wanderers are an audio-visual adventure that were never intended to be profile pictures. Wandernauts, however, are true Web3 avatars that don’t just push boundaries but explode right through them.

An archaeologist and a dreamer, Siren is not looking for meaning in the universe, she simply wants to witness the beauty it possesses.

Wandernauts are kinetic avatars with mind-blowing variety, animation, story, and music — while upgrading the utility that make profile pictures so appealing in the first place.

Built for Web3

Using our unparalleled experience in field (stoned shitposting all day long on Twitter), we have narrowed down exactly what makes the perfect profile picture.

Wandernauts look awesome in their default state, but are the ultimate flex once animated.

Wandernaut avatar + Wanderer banner on Discord

The Rift (State-changer)

“I can’t use a video as my profile picture”

The Rift is a boundary beyond dimensions. As your Wandernaut travels closer to The Rift, space-time changes, affecting the state of your NFT. Send your Wandernaut into The Rift to swap between the mp4, gif, and png versions of your avatar.

The Rift will have unlimited upgradable states, so for example, if [.wndr] becomes the standard filetype in the future, it can be added to The Rift.

This state change will be a simple transaction using our website and each NFT state is stored on a decentralized file storage system.

We don’t know how social media platforms will continue to embrace NFTs, but we know Web3 integration is happening rapidly, and your Wandernaut will be prepared.

We will give you the tools to flex your Wandernaut, without compromising on animation and musical magic that makes Wanderers special.

Just remember, time slows down near The Rift.

Let’s take a deeper dive into Wandernauts.

Wandernauts are built from the following core components: Characters, vignettes, audio and backgrounds.


Instead of having one base model where all possible traits fall neatly on top of, Wandernauts have 16 unique base characters.

Each of the 16 has their own set of attributes, rarities, and story vignettes — creating “collections within a collection”.

With such extreme variety in the collection, it will be much easier for folks to find a character and story that speaks to them.


Each character has a spotlight animation attached to their avatar. These are glimpses into the story of each character, before they were Wanderers. There are 20 total vignettes: 16 characters, and 4 special vignettes.


Music plays an integral role in every Wanderverse collection. Holders will be happy to learn that musical magician Landos Soundo is here to create sonic theme songs for every Wandernaut.


Backgrounds can stack random elements with different rarities. They are subtle and consistent — uniting the collection with a common visual thread. Special attributes from the Wanderers collection (such as Radioactive) will have special backgrounds.


8,888 Wandernauts coming March 25, 2022.

To get on the Presale WanderList; simply own a Wanderer.

The original Wanderers collection will remain the central key to the Wanderverse, acting as your gateway to the story, future drops and utility.

Stay tuned on Twitter and Discord for new updates over the coming weeks.




The greatest story in the metaverse — and you’ve got a lead role.

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The greatest story in the metaverse — and you’ve got a lead role.

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